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 How official gangs are going to work

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How official gangs are going to  work Empty
PostSubject: How official gangs are going to work   How official gangs are going to  work Icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2015 8:27 pm

So recently, lots of gangs were given official status in accordance with the revamped gangs and factions system (thanks developers!). These gangs were decided by the full admin team for their quality of RP and activity and we fully believe these gangs can carry the server forward.

The old threads in this section are heavily outdated so we'll be looking to update them over time, for now however, here's what's up.

Official gangs have access to:

- A HQ where they can roleplay (with access to a safe and radio inside there too)**
- Gang system to track ranks easier
- /g chat which allows you to talk to other members OOCly.
- A gang TS channel for all the members to hang out
- Access to gang cars that the whole gang can use (must be applied for)
- Access to custom mapping for their HQ.

These perks are subject to additions, changes and removals but for the most part this'll be kept the same.

This thread will be posted to and updated alot as the admin team look to really make the official gangs system flourish, so watch this space!
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How official gangs are going to work
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