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When Registering its Recommended That you make your fourm name as your ingame samp Name so its easy for admins to identify you
Keep the Fourms Clean there maybe Underaged users
Coming soon
Sign up on the forums in order to see what has been posted in the Roleplay tabs and others
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PostSubject: Read!!!!!!!!!   Read!!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2015 4:45 am

Greetings fellow American Gaming members i am going to tell you this when the server comes back up You will have to
re-create a ingame account but dont worry on the week the server opens there will be a thread here on the fourms for you to list down things you had on the other server script this is happening as we are moving to a better script that has been fixed and added new features the following items you will get to when you join the server is Free vip and free car and a starter all those things i listed will be given you will get $900,000 ingame so just stand bye and the server will be up soon as possible and just a Notice if you see this icon at the top of the fourms you can now donate to help us keep the server alive it doesnt matter how much you donate we will take 15 cents or even 1 dollar the only time you donate is when that icon is shown and just click it

Read!!!!!!!!! Bandic11
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